This Week In Pregnancy: Week 37

I am officially fat and cranky.

Despite my water-drinking, I am swollen. My wedding ring fits more snugly on my pinky than it used to fit on my ring finger. My Vibram Five Fingers haven’t fit since Thursday last week. My pre-Vibram running shoes get tied very loosely, but only because it’s inappropriate to teach in shoes that aren’t tied.

Until recently, I was carrying all up front. I still had a waist. I note this not out of vanity or a need for a waist while hugely pregnant but because it was fascinating that I still had one. Yeah, no worries on that any more — it’s gone.

My belly button, however, is still in. Just barely, but still.

The butt cramps I mentioned last week are still happening, but more frequently. Ouch. I did (finally) get on a foam roll, and that helped during the cramping. Whether it leads to long-term relief remains to be seen.

I have upped my red raspberry leaf tea intake and have starting taking evening primrose oil pills, in addition to my prenatal vitamins. I am hoping that these things offer help, as they’re moderately unpleasant.

The baby’s bag is packed. The Big Man and I aren’t packed yet. I’m thinking the most comfortable thing to go home in will probably be a sack dress or something similar — then I don’t need to worry about waistlines.

My mother-in-law and I made many cloth wipes out of receiving blankets and prefolds. She had a serger (a sewing machine attachment) that she had never tried out. It turned out to be a great little tool, and we made quite a few in not a lot of time.

I did go buy a nursing bra, though I struggled with that a bit. Most advice I’ve seen recommended not buying nursing wear until milk comes in because the size will change pre- and post-milk. So I bought just one, as it’s on the list of things to bring with. I bought it a little big, and hopefully it’ll at least fit well enough that I can wear it when I need to go buy more. Any BTDT moms have advice on nursing bras vs. nursing tops?

I think all the baby things that need to be washed immediately have been washed. All the hand-me down clothes, the diapers, receiving blankets, burp cloths…

I’ve been dairy-free for almost two weeks now. Colicky babies are on both sides of the family. Colic is often (though certainly not always) caused by dairy intolerance. It takes two to three weeks to get it all out of your system, so I decided a while back that three weeks before my due date, I was going to go dairy-free. I’ll feed The Kid for a while, see how he does. Assuming he’s happy, I’ll reintroduce a touch of dairy (I’m thinking Thanksgiving-ish, but we’ll see) and see how it goes. If he becomes unhappy, then I’ll know to stay off dairy until we’re done breastfeeding. If he doesn’t, then I spent a couple of months needlessly avoiding dairy. That possibility is worth the trade-off of avoiding an unconsolable baby. Also, if he is colicky anyway, we’ll know to look for other things because that one will already be off the list.

I’m due in two weeks. Hard to believe! I’m hoping for a week early (next weekend) but these things just can’t be planned. So if there’s no post next Friday, assume there’s some labor going on…


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