I’m injured!

Well, I was injured.

I went running last Tuesday. I woke up Wednesday and my back had apparently decided to turn on me. I walked like an old lady all over the place, wincing and whining and gingerly lowering myself into chairs. It was a pretty constant ache that would shoot down my left butt cheek into my thigh (anterior and posterior – using my anatomy terms!).

I was in so much pain I laid on the floor for a good portion of our staff meeting. Lucky for me I work in an office where we are not all stiff and professional. Called my doctor who sent me to an urgent care doc he used to work with.

I couldn’t really sit or stand or walk or bend, so I casually leaned over the table in a most unflattering position. I explained to the doctor what my feeling was. He pushed me around, literally, and declared that I had a pulled muscle, which was affecting my sciatic nerve. Three prescriptions, an ice pack, and 5 days of no activity later, I feel pretty okay.

It twinges here and there, but I’m upright and I can sit down or lift my legs with out yelping. I also discovered that muscle relaxers plus vicodin make me VERY weird. Well, more weird than normal.

I still don’t know what I did officially,but I’m inclined to think that the last time I ran, Maddy (one if my dogs) forced me into a weird sort of pirouette around her leash (a skunk lives in our neighborhood and she’s always on the lookout for it).
I also got a talking-to about my posture (from the doctor). I’m now super conscious about how I stand, which is usually with all my weight in my left leg.

It was a nice break and now I have to get busy again because the mini-tri is only a month away and I am so far from prepared. Gulp.

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