This Week In Pregnancy: Week 36

Follow-up to the chiropractor appointment last week … as I mentioned, I felt good on Thursday night. Friday was pretty normal. By the end of the weekend, the following had happened: the sciatic pain was back (same degree as before, so not too bad, but still existed), the pain in my pubic bone was back, and I had soreness and occasional cramps in my left glute.

Last night, I had a follow-up appointment and today, the sciatica is better, the pubic bone pain is less frequent but intensity is the same, and the butt cramps are still coming periodically. Looking forward to these gems going away.

Diaper purchase worked out well. Also found diaper covers on Craigslist. We’re set for a while, and for less than half of what we would have paid if we’d bought everything new.

I found a substitute for school, which is a great relief!

At my midwife appointment last week, I measured 37 cm — 5 cm larger than my appointment 10 days earlier! No wonder I feel so waddle-y! At my appointment today, I was at 38 cm.

The Big Man and I went to a birthing class on Saturday. Some was review, though none was especially tedious. We picked up a few new things and also learned about what to do in the rare case of a prolapsed cord. (That means the water broke — or was broken — before the baby dropped far enough, and the cord gets pinched between the baby and the cervix, preventing blood flow and ending with a dead baby if you don’t take care of it right away.)

This weekend, we’re planning to pack the bag for the birthing center, do the last load of baby stuff that needs to be washed before The Kid arrives, finalize details on how the crib is going to be side-car-ed and generally make sure that we’re reasonably ready should he decide to arrive too early.

I have received hand-me-downs from several people — clothes, burp cloths, shoes, socks, bibs, receiving blankets, towels, wash cloths, plus a few other items not specifically for the baby. On Wednesday when I go to see my mother-in-law, we’re going to cut up some of the burp cloths and blankets and make cloth wipes.

Finding a pediatrician has proven to be more challenging that we expected. Have a few leads right now. Hoping one pans out well.

I’m far enough along that the birthing center is available if I go into labor. The window is basically from now until the end of October.

Getting close…


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  1. Posted by mackenzie on 28 December 2011 at 13:22

    I suffer from sciatica and my doctor tells me I should try to stretch everyday. I think I am going to start doing yoga. Lets hope it helps!

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