Still recommitted!

Im back in the saddle and I am kicking myself for falling off in the first place. This is definitely harder getting started the second time around.

It’s weird because I know I can do it. I have done it before. But if I continue this yo-yo thing, I’ll never get rid of this last 40lbs.

So since last week, I have counted everything I put in my mouth and weighed myself every morning, but haven’t exercised like I should.

This week is about getting activity level back up. As far as running goes, I’m not counting distance anymore. I’m looking at amount and then increasing it as I see fit. Rachel and I have picked a path and we are going to stick with that path. We have an idea of how long it will take us and then we will decrease that time until we can run the whole thing. Then…extend the length of the path.

My mini-tri is coming really soon and I have a very deep desire to at least finish the damn thing so I better get busy.

This second year of healthy lifestyle change is going by rather quickly and if I want an impressive before-midway-endpoint picture I need to get busy.

Any tips on getting rid of stomach fat? It has gotten smaller, and I don’t need a six pack. I just want it to be flatter. I’ll try (almost) anything.


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  1. You can’t spot reduce …

    Your last 40 pounds includes your stomach fat.

    So my tip is to stay on the wagon, lose the last 40, and see which of those 40 comes from your stomach.

  2. I completely understand about falling off of saddles and or wagons. My wife is out of town this week, it is much harder to eat properly when she is gone. Who knew that fried chicken and pizza sing a siren’s song?
    I can put it off a day or so, but it’s not long and I’m eating like a bachelor again. You are doing it right, set a hard goal and work your tail off to achieve it.

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