This Week In Pregnancy: Week 35

The birthing center gives each of its clients a “pre-natal pampering” in a vendor of choice: massage, mani/pedi, henna, belly casting, etc. I asked to have a chiropractic appointment and was delighted to learn that was an approved request.

I’ve had some minor sciatic pain when I lay down. It’s completely contained, and it only bothers me when I lay down, but still. And this week, with doing a lot of extra walking at school (I had to change classrooms, so I walked back and forth a zillion times between rooms that are not close together), I’ve developed some pain in my pubic bone. It’s sore when I walk a lot, and once it gets sore, it stays sore whenever I walk. Not cool.

Anyway, I had an appointment yesterday with the chiropractor. She was very neat, explained everything, checked in at all points along the path. Much like a deep tissue massage or using a foam roll, the process didn’t always feel so nice, but when it was done, I felt good. She recommended a follow-up visit, and I plan on taking her up on that.

Oddly, The Kid was still through almost the entire procedure, despite my being face-down. She had mentioned that often, as soon as a pregnant woman lays down, the fetus gets going, but he didn’t mind β€” or at least, he didn’t protest. Once I got up, he was moving all over. Silly kid.

In the same vein, Wednesday night was our first band rehearsal of the season for the Arizona Wind Symphony. The Kid was still through almost the entire two hours of me playing a trombone in the middle of a 70-piece band. But the ride home? Wild man. Movin’ all over. So we’ve got an odd one in there, which, if you know me and The Big Man, would not come as a surprise πŸ˜‰

I found a great deal on some diapers on Craigslist and am going this afternoon after my appointment with my midwife to pick them up. Hopefully they’re in as good shape as the ad suggests.

I have three weeks of school until our fall break (we have a week off in October … keeping in mind I started in late July and the kids started August 3). I don’t have a sub yet, but I sent out another message earlier this week and have gotten a few calls/emails. Hopefully one of them will pan out well!

The Kid is due during fall break. There are a whole bunch of things that have the possibility of lining up quite nicely:

We’re having our roof replaced. Peanut the Wonder Dog will be staying with a friend of mine while that work is done.

The Big Man has fall break the same week that I do.

We don’t have a dog sitter lined up for when we go to the birthing center for the baby excavation.

So this is the plan (as if these things can be planned): The roof work starts on October 6 and will last a few days. Peanut will be with my friend (who would be happy to take him when I go into labor, but she doesn’t live that close by). So let’s say the roof work ends on October 8. I go into labor later that day (or the next day, before we pick up the dog). Peanut stays with my friend while I have The Kid AND The Kid comes during fall break, when we’re both home anyway.

Perfect, right?

That’s the plan πŸ™‚ We’ll see how it goes…

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