Do You Make Time Or Excuses?

Nichol put herself out there yesterday, re-committing to her previous healthy food and exercise plan.

She is not the first person who has been looking for help managing a schedule recently.

I belong to a group on Facebook of band directors. High school directors in particular tend to work a lot of hours, especially in the fall with marching band. There was a thread in the group a couple of weeks ago asking people how they manage to get exercise in on a regular basis. The most common specific answer was to get it in before work.

I admit — I am impressed by the “get up early and get it done” crowd. I have done that only a handful of times, and for me, it’s pretty miserable. But if you can get yourself out of bed in the morning, it’s a great time to exercise.

Others exercise with their students, when they’re doing various conditioning exercises. Obviously, only a small handful of professions would permit this option.

Other things that one or two people brought up:

  • Register for races during your busy season to gain external motivation to train.
  • Have a dog that needs to be exercised and run together every day.
  • Biking. (Not specified whether for transportation or just for sport.)
  • Workout videos at home.

All of them are great suggestions for some people. None of them will work for everyone.

One thing came up over and over, regardless of their personal type/time for exercise: “I pick a time to do it, and it’s on the schedule. It is a non-negotiable appointment.”

Make it really actually truly non-negotiable. Tired? Do it anyway. Don’t feel like it? Do it anyway. Injured? What can you do instead?

There is always a “reason” not to exercise. Unless the reason somehow involves danger (to health or safety), kick it to the curb and get yourself moving!

For some people, having a workout buddy helps. For others, joining some classes at the gym or through a rec program is the way to go. For some, just having a set routine and schedule is ideal.

Find what works for you, then do it.

How do you keep your exercise on track? Is it harder when life is busy?

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