So I have been trying to get some exercise in every day. It’s not easy, between work and school, I am ragged right now. I have been exercising (cant give up my makeup – just got some new Mac shadows) but not enough. So right here, right now, I am recommitting to several things.

1. Keep track of food intake.
I have not been doing this for awhile now and although my eating is not out of control, it has escalated. Especially now that three days of the week I don’t get home until 9pm and I leave about 8am. If I’m not careful, my weight will be off the charts again.

2. All water, all day.
I have drastically cut my water intake because I have discovered Peace Tea CaddyShack. I will recommit myself to two cups of coffee in the morning, water all day, and a 1 Peace Tea on the weekend.

3. Say no!
I have not been saying no to anything but fast food and soda (still kept that promise!). I have been eating pizza, pretzel M&M’s, donuts… Ugh. Just seeing it written down makes me nauseous. I don’t need that stuff.

4. Start cooking again (at least two days a week).
Even if it’s 2 days a week. I need to make sure I am cooking healthy dinners, with leftovers so I’m not eating ramen for lunch everyday.

5. Exercise MORE.
Rachel and I have been swimming laps, usually about a quarter of a mile, but we are only running a half mile. Not good, when we used to do 2+ miles a night. It’s not burning enough. On top of that, I will start utilizing the gear I have purchased (stability ball, resistance bands, Biggest Loser for Wii) to increase activity. I’m becoming too sedentary. I will also go back to yoga and Zumba, I dont care how late Zumba is.


6. More fun activities.
I love hiking and it’s been too damn hot, but the mornings have been nice lately, so I plan on going at least once a month from September to October. Let me know if you want to book a hiking date with me. I’ll definitely go more than once a month.

That’s my recommitment to me. But you guys can help keep me honest. If you wanna hang out and go for a bike ride or a hike, Let me know. I like making new friends, and spending time with old ones.

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