This Week In Pregnancy: Week 33

The baby shower was on Saturday last weekend. It was a great party – my friend who put it together really does an amazing job – and I think everyone had a good time. I mention it here because as promised, the status of The Kid’s genitalia was revealed – we are having a boy! I am hoping this doesn’t begin an onslaught of powder blue and trucks, but in all honesty, the little girl stuff is much less desirable than the little boy stuff, so it should be OK either way 🙂

The Kid’s favorite thing to do earlier this week was to stretch. This would be OK, but one of those little feet felt like it was going to come straight through my side, just below the ribs. That didn’t feel so nice. So he would push out, I would push back, and eventually, he gave up 🙂 Fortunately, he hasn’t wanted to do that the past couple of days.

It is definitely getting harder to move around, get out of chairs, pick things up off the floor, etc. I feel round enough that even if the weather realizes it’s September, I’m not going to be going biking again (except on a stationary bike).

The oddest thing going on right now, though, is a return of some of the symptoms of first trimester. I woke up nauseous a few mornings this week. (I had been slacking on taking my vitamins regularly. They cut the nausea back when it was first an issue, and since I have become more diligent again, the nausea is gone again. I wonder if I would have had it this whole time?) I have had some foot cramp issues. And migraines are threatening me again. In the past three days, I’ve had auras twice. Some caffeine took care of them, but I’m not excited that this has returned.

The Big Man and I had decided way back when to use g diapers. Then we received a bumbino at the shower and started reconsidering and looking at all the options … there are so many … and we were once again overwhelmed and decided we liked it better when we had our minds made up 🙂 There is a cloth diapering store not far from us that we’ve been tipped off to. A week from today, they are having a class on cloth diapering that should give us good information, so we’re going to go to that, see what they have to say, see if it makes the decision friendlier or not, and then decide. We have decided, though, that we’re not going to buy the whole g diapers set, even if that’s what we stick with – we’ll just buy what we need for when The Kid is born and little and see how they go, then decide from there.

On Wednesday, I am volunteering at a big baby/kid consignment event. (Consigning clothes and gear, not the kids.) I opted to volunteer because as a volunteer I get to shop for half an hour the evening before it’s open to the public. Hoping we can fill in a few gaps at a good price. We’ll see. It’s a shame that the diaper class is after this event, but that’s OK.

That’s where we’re at. Time is winding down…

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