My youngest sister Rachel and I have been struggling with getting back into the workout routine for awhile now. I really need to be able to work out in the a.m. and it was not happening.

Well, we have finally hit on something that works. Rachel and I have a deal, and it’s pretty genius.

We now have a regular schedule, which can be flexible, and we stick to it. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings we swim laps (we add 5 laps every day and we are now at 25). Saturday an Sunday we run or ride. We do change it up a bit. This Tuesday we slept in and ran in the evening because I was able to come home right after work (I’m doing a group project for a class, and we meet on Tuesday evenings).

But we needed a consequence. And it needed to be something that we could call each other on. So it was decided that if we don’t stick to our schedule, we can’t wear makeup, FOR A WEEK. To some, this may seem insignificant. And I don’t wear the full regalia as some girls do, but I love my tinted moisturizer and mascara is a must. It’s worked, amazingly enough. There probably will not be a day when we say “I don’t care, I’m not working out.” and it feels good. I’m a lot slower then I was before and I don’t have the same distance, but I ran a fourth of a mile the other day without stopping and it felt damn good. It also felt damn good to put my Smashbox on the next morning.

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