New epiphany, but in a totally bad way.

Yup. It’s hit me again. This time though, it wasn’t a good epiphany. It scared the crap out of me.

Things at work have gotten really unpleasant. In the past month, four people have been laid off and three people have quit. My caseload has increased exponentially. My stress level has increased exponentially times a million.

And my eating has gone to crap. I haven’t been working out. I’m miserable at work and I’m hungry all the time.

Its not really a new connection, but it’s one that I hadn’t paid attention because it wasn’t an issue. Now, it is an issue. I am not handling this like a champ.

And now it’s the week of my birthday and I am eating out, damn near everyday this week. I became very conscious of my eating issue so I’ve tried to be really careful about what I eat while I’m out.

Working out has also come to a grinding halt. I’m working on that. I need a new schedule. But, now I have a new schedule and it starts on Sunday (which sounds like more excuses, but it’s really not. I also start school this week and my epiphany didn’t happen until a couple of days ago)

I refuse to go backward. I refuse to spend my money buying bigger pants. So I have to get busy.

PS: happy birthday to Janna, my best friend of 20 years!

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