This Week In Pregnancy: Week 30

Not too much happening these days, which is totally OK.

Appointment with my midwife on Tuesday went well. I had many questions — some medical things, some logistic things — and they are all taken care of now. One very noticeable difference between the OB and the midwife is the amount of time spent. We will routinely sit and talk for an hour or more. How many visits with an OB would be needed to add up to one hour? I know that if I have questions, she’ll answer them thoroughly, and that if I have more questions, it’s OK.

I also know that I’m not going to receive any intervention that isn’t necessary. Things aren’t done because of convenience (or inconvenience, as the case may be). Some of the hospital stories I’ve heard have been … less than savory. (This is not to say that all OBs or hospitals are bad or anything like that — just that many of them have rules of operation that are based on money, convenience, and/or a “CYA” attitude and not so much on women and babies. It also is not to say that all midwives are fabulous.)

It’s been fun listening to people guess the sex of the baby and explain why they guess what they do. I think mostly it’s fun because I know the right answer 😉 The shower is in two weeks, and we’re planning to spill the beans there.

We went to our first birthing class Monday evening. It was fine. Went over some basic anatomy and physiology, side effects of pregnancy (though much to my dismay, she didn’t happen to mention ways to deal with most of them, just that they’re normal), things that are reasons to go to the hospital right now to be checked.  Watched a video.  Learned some breathing techniques and some massage techniques for use now and during labor. Future classes will include birthing positions, more breathing and massage, stages of labor, medicine (including painkillers) and medical interventions, and breastfeeding.

Overall, it should be useful. It has been so far.

That’s about all, really. Things have been pretty low-key, which is just fine with me!

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