It’s my birfday!

I was fully prepared to rant and rave about food and the FDA this week. Guess what? I don’t really feel like it. I’m in too good a mood to start riling myself up over soybeans.

So my birthday is Monday. I’m going to be 32. Let’s reflect on my current position in life. Childless. Husband/boyfriend/dateless. Live with parents and adult sisters. Make slightly more than I made when I worked retail.

And I have never been happier. Seriously.

Now bear with me while I get all gushy for a second. I feel like in the past year I have gone from this grumpy, always irritated fat lady to what I really am. A healthy, happy plump lady (plump will be gone at some point, replaced by skinny) who is a responsible adult with a 12 year old boys mentality. (It’s true, convinced my mom to pay for half an xbox as a present.)

I feel like I have started over and I’m finally becoming this person I always wanted to be, and I probably always was inside, but she couldn’t come out and play. All because I hated my job. I hated my body. I hated how I ate. That was no way to live.

I think that now I am finally allowing my life to start because I’m ready to go places and meet people. I’m infinitely more confident and I’m infinitely happier. Now, I just need to find an apartment because as much as I love my sisters and my parents, I have to have my own bathroom again or I’ll wind up being one of three daughters, instead of one of four. (LISA! It’s your turn to clean the freaking bathroom.)

That’s all. I’m off to get my xbox and play LA Noire and not do homework this weekend.


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  1. Posted by Amy Z on 21 September 2011 at 11:35

    I haven’t read any of your posts in a while but I particularly like this one and thought I should let you know 🙂

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