Simple Tips To Increase Energy

How many people do you know who aren’t tired? It’s probably easier to count them than to count those who are tired. There are numerous reasons why people are fatigued. These tips can help with many.

Don’t confuse “simple” with “easy.” If these are not part of your regular life, they might not come easily at first, but they are well worth the effort.

Get enough sleep. Seems obvious enough, but I know very few people who make sleep a priority. Not sleeping sufficiently negatively affects the entire rest of your life. Turn off the TV/computer/video games, put down the book, eliminate a few things from the to-do list and get some sleep!

Eat breakfast. Depending on your eating schedule, it might be 12 hours between the last time you eat in a day (if dinner is your last food) and the time you wake up. Your body needs fuel. Good fuel. (Not sugary fuel. Not caffeinated fuel.) Feed it.

Eat moderately-sized meals. Eating too much will make you feel sluggish.

Eat frequently. Going for too long in between meals will make your blood sugar crash, which will make you tired. If you prefer three meals over six, have a small, healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Drink caffeine in moderation. A cup or two of coffee every day isn’t likely to bother your energy levels (unless they’re right before bed and you can’t sleep as a result), but drinking a lot of caffeine can make you agitated and irritable. (And if you’re doing everything else, coffee in the morning should be a perk as opposed to a need.)

Move around more. Sitting in a car, at a desk, or anywhere for an extended period of time drains energy. Spend more of your working time standing up.

Get regular exercise. People complain to me frequently that exercising just makes them tired. If you are not exercising regularly and start doing it, there’s a good possibility it’s going to make you tired. Keep doing it anyway. As your body adapts to not sitting on the couch, you will reap the energy rewards of exercise. But it might take a week or two or three.

Skip low-anything diets. Our bodies need protein, carbs, and fat to function properly. There are good sources of all three, and there are bad sources of all three. Instead of cutting out these nutrients, replace them with healthier sources.

If you are honestly doing all of these things on a daily basis and you are still tired, see your doctor. There is likely an underlying medical issue.


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  1. Great tips! Let me tell you 3 cups of coffee and no breakfast is like a land mine waiting to be stepped on! I tend to get caught up in emails, Facebook, and news articles early in the morning while drinking coffee. Before I’ve realized it, I’ve downed 3 cups. I have to remind myself to also eat, it takes the edge off!

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