This Week In Pregnancy: Week 29

I had the follow-up ultrasound this week, and all is well. The Kid has moved up into the 65th percentile for weight, which was the primary reason for getting checked out again. Still in breech position, but there’s still time for flipping to occur.

Lots of moving — I saw a limb straighten! I commented to a friend of mine that it’s funny that that was such a neat thing to see. Once The Kid is born, a limb straightening and bending will not be newsworthy at all.

We had a little scare last weekend — The Kid wasn’t really moving. There had been a bit of movement during the day, but not much at all. I couldn’t instigate a reaction, either. I looked on my list of reasons to call the midwife immediately (she gave me the list — not randomly found online) and decreased movement was one of them. So at 10:15 Sunday night, I called.

Instructions were to drink a big glass of juice, lay down on my left side and count movements until I either got to 10 or got to two hours. As long as there were 10, we were OK. Call back if there were not. So The Big Man went to the store to get some juice. I drank a big glass (see — there are valid reasons to break the “no drinks after 7” rule!) and laid down. While on a normal night, we’d hit 10 movements easily within 10 minutes, it took about 45 minutes, but that’s still well within the two-hour limit. I dashed off an e-mail to the midwife and went to sleep.

Hopefully that won’t be an issue again, but if it is, now I know: juice, lay, count.

My suspicion is dehydration. I know that sounds crazy with the amount of water that I drink, but this is my theory: all summer, I’d been drinking the bulk of my daily water in the morning and early afternoon.  School started on Wednesday, and I took my 40-ounce water bottle with me, but two out of three days, I was on campus later than I expected, so I didn’t get home to lunch and more water until mid-afternoon. Wanting to get it all in early-ish, I drank a lot of water through the rest of the afternoon.

When you drink a lot at once, it’s too much to be absorbed, so most of it goes straight through. When drinking is spaced out, more is absorbed. So I think just several days in a row of changed drinking habits left me a little dry (I had other symptoms as well: dry lips, slight constipation, headaches, slight water retention).

This week, I have been taking both the 40-ounce and the 27-ounce bottles to work. All symptoms have disappeared and The Kid is movin’ and shakin’ as usual.

Weight gain is weird. I was the same weight for three weeks, then one day I was four pounds heavier and have maintained that for a week. I don’t get it, but that’s what’s going on.

On the lighter side, the baby shower is in three weeks. We got our first registry gifts in the mail: a baby rattle (organic cotton, of course!), and a swing to hang outside. Fun!

That’s all for this week! The weeks are rapidly winding down…

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