Guys, I am spooooo lame. I started school again and I am a miserable hot mess. Really, I don’t care about anatomy and physiology (crazy, right?) but apparently my stupid professor does and she is an anatomy and physiology NAZI!

So needless to say, all my reading for this awesome post about Monsanto and the FDA has been put on the back burner. And that also means that I am a super slacker tri trainer. If any of you can figure out a way for me to do A&P homework while running, swimming, and/or biking, that would be fantastic.

I think I may have worked out a decent schedule, but I have to implement it. That is proving mighty difficult.

Plus, I don’t want to give up yoga or Zumba.

Plus, I want a social life (as social as I can be anyway).

Plus, I want A’s.

Plus, I don’t want to get laid off (currently a concern due to AHCCCS budget cuts – thanks Arizona!).

Plus, I want to kick 45% of people’s asses at the tri in October.

Can you help?


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  1. I totally can understand where you are coming from. When I took classes with as much info to master as that, I used my computer and crested verbal flash cards. Use a free audio recorder and create a new track for each bit of info. Then make a playlist in your ipod and listen while running and biking. Swimming? Not so much. Use pneumonics (sp?) when you can. There are lots! Do you need to do the brachial plexus? Lots of tips on that. Physiology isn’t hard… it is important! That’s how you live so picture a mini field trip inside your own body instead of boring crap.

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