This Week In Pregnancy: Week 28

Third trimester!

On Tuesday, I had an appointment with my midwife. My glucose test was fine, my belly size is completely average, and everything is fine, fine, fine. Appointments shift to every two weeks now.

As usual, my midwife and I talked for an hour or more while I was there. I’m generally not excited about being pregnant, and I have (normal?) dips in enthusiasm about having a baby, but I always leave my appointments feeling good about carrying around this wily little fetus. Her enthusiasm is contagious. (That, and she knows what she’s doing.)

The uninvited belly rubs have started, mainly from coworkers and always other women. I don’t mind if people ask, but really — don’t just walk up to me and touch my stomach. It’s still my stomach, whether it’s enticing to you or not. Would it be OK for a guy to walk up to you and rub your boobs, just because they’re there?

I am really looking forward to reducing my protein intake back to normal levels. I have been good about making sure I get 80+ g on a close-to-daily basis, but it’s hard to eat a lot of fresh fruits — which are delicious this time of year! — when I need to eat so much protein. Blah.

I am still loving bike-riding and am grateful that my balance is still in good shape.

I am still sleeping through the night if I stop drinking water early enough in the evening and go to the bathroom right before bed. This also makes me happy. Easily getting down over 100 ounces daily.

On Tuesday, I go for another ultrasound to make sure The Kid is growing well. It was in a low percentile for weight at my last ultrasound, so we’re just making sure growth is happening. I’m totally OK with a light baby (I was only 5 pounds, 4 ounces), as long as it’s a healthy baby.

The Big Man and I start our birthing classes a week from Monday. Should be good!


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  1. He he, I can feel your pain. Pregnancy is magical, but has its nasty aspects too. Can’t wait to read more about the little one. I’m so happy for you.

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