Tri Training

I guess it’s time to get off my rear and get going. Last thing I officially trained for was a 5K in October, so I have a new goal and I have to get busy.

On top of training, I’m working like a loon because now there are layoffs (I work for a non-profit mental health agency and Arizona enjoys taking money away from AHCCCS as much as they enjoy taking it away from education). I an not interested in unemployment again, so I am doing my best to demonstrate what a dedicated and awesome to have around employee I am.

On top of THAT I have started school again. Woo. I’m taking an anatomy and physiology class right now. According to ASU, I have a deficiency. Boy, do I ever.

So I’m done vacationing and back in the real world. It’s even harder to find tri training time, especially because I don’t want to give up yoga and zumba (both once a week) and I need at least one full day to learn about the stupid body.

I did manage to swim 50 laps in the pool, which equaled about a quarter of a mile. Joke was on me though, mini-tri swim is an eighth of a mile. So, this past weekend I swam 25 laps then raced an overactive border collie for a tennis ball a million times (yes, in the pool. She will play ball anywhere).

I biked 11 miles a couple of weeks ago, but there was a disco length break halfway in between.

So I can bike. I can swim. But can I run? I guess you’ll have to come back next Wednesday to find out.

Now I am going back to my studies. I’m really itching to get at that A&P coloring book. I even bought new colored pencils!

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