Other People’s Handiwork

Today is the last Sunday before school starts for me. Teachers return on Wednesday in my district (yes, that is July 27), earlier than most around here. Later than a few. It’s my 7th year teaching in Arizona, and school starting in July still messes with my head…

There were several things on the summer to-do list that haven’t gotten done. For some, there is still hope. For others … well … they’ll have to get worked into the work schedule. It’s all good.

Top 10 Superfoods for a Healthy & Active Lifestyle from Money Crashers (@moneycrashers): While I hate the word “superfoods” and think it’s been way overused, this is a good list of foods that will serve you well to consume regularly and moderately.

Save Money Making Your Own Smoothies – 8 Yummy Recipes from Out of Debt Again (@outofdebtagain): We’ve talked about smoothies before. Here are 8 more recipes you can try!

FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs and Doritos Are Heart Healthy from gaia-health.com: I’m not a huge fan of the FDA anyway, but this is ridiculous.

Too hot to trot? from Prime Fitness for Women (@themusclediva): Succinct and sound advice for those who are exercising outdoors in hot weather, and how to make sure you stay safe.

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