This Week In Pregnancy: Week 27

This is the first week that I’ve noticed it’s harder to get out of a chair.

I also have noticed increased buoyancy in the pool.

One of those is nicer than the other 😉

My glucose test was yesterday. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. I had to fast for 8 hours prior to my 8:45 a.m. appointment. So I had a hefty snack at 10:30 before going to bed. I didn’t wake up hungry but was definitely hungry before I arrived at the lab. They took me just before 9, drew some blood, gave me the bottle of nasty orange crap to drink, and sent me to the waiting room. Well before my next draw at 10, I started to feel nauseous. Fortunately, it didn’t get any worse.

Second draw at 10 was quick and easy. The phlebotomist is the same woman I had for every blood draw when I had cancer — we have rapport. She knows my veins are small. She knows my right arm doesn’t work any more for blood draws (those veins collapsed and never recovered). She mentioned that they had a bed in the back where I could lay down if I needed to. So I did.

Third draw at 11 hurt a little — I think the needle was close to a valve — but all three sticks were one-try sticks. And the banana I ate on the way to my car might have been the best banana I’ve ever eaten. Lunch immediately following was pretty darned good, too 🙂

I have an appointment with the midwife on Tuesday. I anticipate it will go well. The phlebotomist mentioned that the test was a regular glucose tolerance test, not a gestational one, which meant I had 75 mg instead of 50 of glucose. I will inquire why.

The Big Man and I are signed up for a birthing class Mondays is August. I’m looking forward to it … but I’m also really hoping we don’t have to watch videos. This is why:

There are some medical things that I am very squeamish about watching. For example, pretty much anything with needles. I don’t like seeing other people get stuck with needles, whether a shot, a blood draw, whatever. I don’t have troubles myself getting shots, having blood drawn (most of the time), etc.

I also have trouble watching bloody things on TV. Even when it’s obviously fake. So when it’s not fake (or fake-looking), it’s worse.

Combine those, and I’m not sure I’d do well watching a birthing video.

I’m confident that I can get through the experience — I might even enjoy it — but I really don’t want to watch it.

Anyway, we’ll find out soon.

That’s all from this week!

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