Back in Action

Listen, I can’t lie to you all. (I should say y’all, because a couple days from now I will be in Texas). Im not the most consistent exerciser. I zumba once a week and I yoga every other Saturday, but really, I am an unorganized mess.

When I started working out, I had scheduled training sessions and I had registered for a 5k that I didn’t want to embarrass myself at. I had an immediate goal and a long term goal. As hard as I work towards a long term goal, I always seem to put more effort into my short term goals. Take school for instance. I’m not necessarily looking at my graduation date as the goal until the semester before hand. And I’ve now gone through 5 graduations (diploma, BA, teaching certification, M.Ed, alcohol education class*), and I always looked at ending my classes with an A as my goal. Although, not so much in high school. I just needed to get a D in math for that diploma**.

Now I’m back to having a short term goal (mini-tri!) and I’m working towards it like a maniac. But I’m already worrying about what will happen when October 30th comes and goes and I no longer have a short term goal to work for. I have decided that I would like to be able to wear a nice bathing suit that is not shorts and a t-shirt by my 33rd birthday. I consider that long term though.

What motivates you guys? What keeps you pumped and working? I have to sign off now, I have two more working days and then an early screening of Harry Potter and than a REALLY early flight to New Orleans. Catch y’all next week!

*total joke. We didn’t get a graduation, plus I was 14 when I took that class.
**59.6 and a sympathetic math teacher who talked to my mom once a week to make sure I wasn’t ditching.

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