One Year

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this journey. Well, by the time you all read this it’s been over a year, but for the sake of this posting, we will call it 365 days.

I’m not a reflective person, I usually do all my reflecting at once (last 5 minutes of yoga) because my brain (and my mouth) never stop. So really, instead of re-reviewing all of my accomplishments (lost 23% body weight, can run 5-7 minutes without stopping, eats veggies, blah blah blah), I will instead thank the people who helped me achieve goals, whether by force or gentle encouragement. These go in no particular order.

My parents: John and Elaine have welcomed their 31 (soon to be 32) year old daughter back into the nest based on the idea that I was going to throw away my teaching contract, née entire teaching career, be voluntarily jobless in a downturn economy, and find my real passion. They charge me minimal rent (which I’m not always on time with) and endured my complaints about sharing a bathroom with Lisa and having to do the dishes. They allow me to grocery shop and develop my cooking skills, and only give me crap once or twice a day about living at home in my 30s. (Which I am no longer embarrassed about because I have a nice pool and free wi-fi.) They also randomly throw me compliments on how incredibly irresistibly hot I am and to keep up the good work. (Exaggeration on how hot I am done solely for my own benefit.)

My sisters: Sarah goes on bike rides with me. Rachel helped me through getting ready for a 5K, and Lisa occasionally cleans the bathroom. They always piss me off and they always make me laugh. I could not love 3 people more. They never let me get discouraged and remind me that I am more than just a fat girl. I probably never would have gotten this far without their support.

My best friend: Janna has listened to me piss and moan my way through this whole thing. She has been my best friend and favorite Harry Potter reading buddy since 9th grade. Anyone doing the math will realize that we have been friends for 18 years, we’ve known each other for 20. That’s a LOOOONG time. Janna is on her own life changing journey right now, and I think more than anything, that motivates me to do more. We are regular Zumba and Yoga attendees now.

Family and friends: all the support and love and encouragement. Sometimes more than I deserve. Cousins (such as Hilary, who knows the struggle), gram (who always makes me feel like I might get too skinny), Mike who always has good advice and Tracy who I am doing my first tri with. And Kathy – who makes me eat bizarre things or orders bizarre things that make me gag until I eat them off her plate and then I love them too. (octopus)

And then there is Heather. Her amazing journey, even pre-friendship via The Place That Shall Not Be Named amazes me and she continues to amaze. (She is custom building a child in her body! Amazing!) I’m just going to be lazy here and cut/paste something I wrote a while ago, which says everything I need to say and was written in a fit of emotion (modified as I see fit).
“I just want to say that without your help and motivation, I would never have dreamed I would take it this far. I had kind of given myself up as hopeless and was resigned to the idea of being overweight (read: fat) forever. I’m doing things and considering doing things I never even thought of doing myself. So thanks. You’re helping me save my life.” Every word is still true today.

When I wrote that, I was toying with the idea of a tri. Now, I am doing one. Eek.


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    This is great Nichol, you are quite a talented writer. Keep up the impressive work!

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