This Week In Pregnancy: Week 23

Restless legs!! No good!!

Apparently The Kid has restless legs, too 😉 There is lots of movement going on in there! There has been only once (well, one set of kicking that lasted about five minutes) that really hurt. During the ultrasound, the tech mentioned that The Kid has long legs. Takin’ after Dad already!

This week, I was much better about exercising. I did the stair master, laps in the back yard pool, or went for at least a tw0-mile walk almost every day. It makes my brain happy. I’m sure it makes my body happy, too, but much like a sullen teenager, my body is not quick to admit to things that make it happy these days.

I had an appointment with the oncologist, and he said there were no special precautions or anything. I was glad about that. He also said that should it be an issue, he has successfully treated patients with Hodgkin’s who were as far along as I am or father and the baby was fine. He also stressed that he didn’t believe that it would recur, but we have options if it does.

Next appointment with the midwife is next week. Hopefully, all will be smooth there as well!

Otherwise … not really any news. Things are just plugging along. It’s still pretty wild that in another couple of months, all of this is going to result in a real live baby. I know that sounds stupid, but it’s still not … real?

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  1. Posted by Cora Pendergast on 24 June 2011 at 08:02

    Nice post Heather. Glad that overall things are well though the restless legs must be hard to deal with.

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