This time last year

About this time last year, I was sweating my face off in the humidity of Orlando, standing in 4 hour lines to get a wand at Olivander’s, some Bertie Bott’s at Honeyduke’s, and some butterbeer (and real beer) at the Hog’s Head. This should have made me happier than ever (big Harry Potter fan = Nichol, please don’t ask about the number of times I’ve read the books/seen the movies). But at that point in my life, I most definitely was not happy, mentally or physically. I was 120 pounds overweight and walking that theme park was the most exercise I had done in a very long time.

I spent my time, inside and outside of Hogsmeade, eating crap and sitting on the couch. I never really expected that I would be one of those healthy people. But here I am today, all healthy and junk. Where has that gotten me?

Well, as Telly Savales says, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” I eat my veggies, I eat in moderation, I don’t starve myself, I did not have to inject myself or have surgery, I know when to splurge and how much to splurge on (I’m still working on the whole pizza thing, but it’s PIZZA!), and a whole mess of other things.

But more than any of that other physical junk, I’m most proud of my mental change. I have never felt this good about myself.

When July 1st rolls around (I’m claiming that as my official start date), I plan on celebrating. How? I really plan on just taking a moment to enjoy the changes I have made and all the changes still to come. I still have a ways to go (about 60 more pounds), but at the conclusion of this year, I’m just going to be grateful I have had the gumption to make this leap and say thanks to all the people who have helped, encouraged, and advised me along the way, and maybe pizza and beer from Grimaldi’s, Next July 1st, when I will be half the person I am now, I’ll celebrate, with pizza and beer, only then I’ll be wearing a bikini.

How do celebrate your successes (big and little)? Food? Beer? Big party?

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