This Week In Pregnancy: Week 22

The big news first:

Yesterday, I had my first ultrasound. The tech put down the goop, put down the piece of equipment that does the reading, and on the screen: face! The Kid was right there, face up, saying hello! I must confess that while the technology is amazing and I was watching the screen with interest the entire 45 minutes, it’s still weird weird weird. At one point, I watched and felt a kick!

Anyway, the tech was great, pointing out lots of points of interest: face, hands, and feet were pretty obvious. Heart, stomach, liver, renal arteries. Umbilical cord, placenta, cervix.

Our plan had been not to find out the sex. But we decided, since we’ve been referring to The Kid as “she” that perhaps it would be a good idea to find out. (We also have struggled to come up with a boy’s name, and it would also let me know if I needed to do research into the circumcision decision.) So we found out … but we’re not telling šŸ˜‰ We’re toying with the possibility of spilling the beans at or after the shower. Really, we don’t want a bunch of pink or powder blue baby stuff. Yes, we could mention that, but not everyone is a good listener…

Some scariness happened at the appointment, though … The tech gave us the Uterine Tour, explaining everything along the way, and then sent the pics to the doc. She said he’d look at them and come in, and he might want to do a little ultrasounding himself. OK.

So he came in and asked why I was there. Umm… for a routine ultrasound because I haven’t had one and I’m 5 months pregnant? He pushed the issue ā€” any other reason you’re here?

Short version: he talked extensively about Downs Syndrome, the odds of having a Downs baby (at 20, at 35 ā€” my age ā€” and at 40), blood tests that could have been done (too late for those now), what an amniocentesis is, what it tells, and what the dangers are, what the difference is between a birth defect and a deviation from the norm (also called “soft signs”). Lots of information. I knew some of it already, but definitely less than half. While he was talking, he was looking at the screen, checking things out … and when he was done, he asked if we had any questions.

Did you see anything in the ultrasound that raises flags?

No, the baby looks perfectly healthy.

Sheesh. While we were certainly both relieved, wouldn’t that have been good information to volunteer? My goodness…

So we are both grateful that The Kid appears to be in good working order. The biggest problem is that right now s/he is breech. Not an issue at this point in the pregnancy. Hoping that the little gymnast flips over on schedule.

Speaking of gymnast ā€” holy movement, Batman! The Kid has been all over the place this week. Kicking/punching, and a few cross-body movements. Definitely still enjoys car rides and dance class more than most other activities.

This has been the first week that I’ve noticed any hormonal wackiness. I’ve cried about something almost every day this week. I’ve been fully aware every time that I’m not actually that upset, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. Better sad than irritable, but sheesh.

In less exciting news, we started registering ā€” one at Buy Buy Baby and one at It is nice to have that started ā€” it’s a slightly overwhelming task. We finalized one of the Big Four decisions: diapers. (The other three are car seat(s), stroller(s) and sleeping arrangements, which we have a plan for but it needs action.)

I’m taking opinions and advice on breast pumps and all things breastfeeding (accessories, creams, clothes, etc.). If it matters, I get 12 weeks off, but we have three weeks of breaks in that particular 12-week span (holidays and all), and I’ll be teaching half-time again next year.

It was Not Fun doing stuff at Buy Buy Baby ā€” the sales people were a little too “helpful” ā€” but we went only an hour before they closed and had no intention of staying until the whole list was done, so it worked out fine. Hopefully when we go back, they won’t recognize us šŸ˜‰

I have been very slacking in the exercise department and have done very little for the past couple of weeks. I did go to the aqua class at the gym Monday morning, in hopes that this would be something I would like to do three mornings a week. Alas, it wasn’t great. Actually, it was pretty tedious and I was ready to hop out after about 20 minutes. I need to just go and swim laps. That would be good. I think I’d also like to spend some QT with the stepper. Should be something I can do slowly enough that it’s OK, but hard enough that I sweat and feel like I’m exercising, without my funky belly getting in the way. And, of course, I could be lifting weights and have just not done it.

OK, people! I am resolving here, publicly, that barring unforeseen circumstances, I will exercise at least five days between now and next week’s pregnancy post. Laps, walks, weights, steps, whatever. You’ll read about it here next week…

I am pleased to report, however, that oatmeal is back on the “things that are tasty” list. And I made oatmeal using the red raspberry leaf tea which, if that counts as drinking the tea, worked out really nicely…

That’s been the week!

Edited to add: my due date based on LMP was Oct 22. My due date based on estimated conception date was Oct 15. Due date based on yesterday’s ultrasound is Oct 19. They’re all in the ballpark, at least…


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  1. Exciting stuff! Don’t fret too much about when The Kid flips from breech…for both my pregnancies the big flip-a-roo didn’t occur until 37 weeks! I’m a fan of the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, the backpack is nice. I wish I could help with the nursing clothing, but I never found a bra or tank that fit right for me. I would recommend going for a prof fitting ahead of time because it’s so important to have it, especially at the beginning when you’re scatter feeding so often. šŸ™‚ Just my $0.02!

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