New Features

I wanted to take a minute to point out a few features that WordPress has developed.

On each post, you have the option to share it via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or Reddit. You also have the option to “like” the post.

In the comments section of each post, you have new options of how to identify yourself.

  • guest: enter your email (not displayed on your comment) and the name you would like displayed on your comment. If you have a website or blog, enter it in the appropriate box and your name will become a link to it.
  • WordPress: if you have a WP account, you can use that to identify yourself.
  • Facebook log in: you can connect WordPress to your Facebook account. Your full name will be displayed on the comment.
  • Twitter log in: you can connect WordPress to your Twitter account. Your handle will be displayed.

If you have questions about these, please ask!

As always, you can receive updates to this blog using e-mail or RSS subscriptions. If you use an e-mail subscription, the only mail you receive (beyond the initial e-mail asking you to confirm) is one containing new posts as they are added.

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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