This Week In Pregnancy: Week 21

The biggest change this week is that there has been much more kicking. It’s kind of neat and kind of weird. The Kid either really likes or really doesn’t like spicy food (it wasn’t that spicy), s/he had a good time at dance class last night, and s/he dances along when I sing in the car.

My midwife suggested drinking a cup of red raspberry leaf tea each day, as it does good things for the uterus. She was up-front in letting me know it doesn’t taste good, so I haven’t even tried it on its own. I made a big batch of it, stuck it in the fridge, and have been mixing it into my smoothie instead of water. Makes the smoothie taste funky. As soon as I figure out a recipe that tastes good, I’ll share it.

Ultrasound is a week from yesterday.

For now, as long as I keep my heavy drinking before 8-ish, I can sleep through the night and get up for the bathroom in the morning. This Is Good.

I bought a maternity bathing suit. Looking at the selection, it made me wonder if the manufacturers think that women over 50 are the most likely to be pregnant. Surely we have the technology to make bathing suits that are cute and cover a belly? A friend of mine just did a bikini, which would be OK for indoor swimming, but I don’t want to have to apply that much more sunscreen when I’m outside.

That’s all, really. Nothing earth-shattering, but that is totally OK 🙂


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  1. Posted by Lisa on 10 June 2011 at 10:07

    I don’t think RRL tea is too bad as long as it’s mixed with plenty of other herbs. A friend ordered me a custom blend once that was RRL plus some galactogogues (fenugreek, oat tops, blessed thistle, etc.) for after James was born and it was actually pretty damn tasty with honey. I’d give you the website but the last few times I’ve tried to contact the proprietor, she hasn’t answered, so I’m guessing she’s closed up shop.

  2. Kicking is neat, but wait for hiccups!!! For about a month Christofer would get hiccups every night between 11pm to 11:30. I was 35 weeksish for that.

  3. Heather!!! PREGNANT???? How totally wonderful!!! I will let Tyler know:)

    I am so very happy for you both!

    Laura Grady ❤

    • Thanks! How’d you come across the blog? Tyler is much bigger now than the last time I saw him, I’m sure….

      • Posted by Laura Grady on 13 June 2011 at 23:41

        Maybe a facebook thingy…??? It was basically happenstance… Just so glad you’re havin a baby!!!! You will be a great mommy!

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