Too many things to think about…

Maybe I’m the last to know, but WordPress blogging? There’s an app for that.

I’m back from vacation and I have been insanely sick. I wound up with sinus and eat infections, plus strep throat. I’m still not 100%, but it’s better than being on the floor of my bathroom (it’s tiled, and felt good on my skin).

Well the actual visiting the hotel gym part of my vacation didn’t pan out, but Pittsburgh/Monessen/Mifflin is VERY hilly, so we climbed a lot. The getting back to running did not work out so well either because I was sick.

I did have an epiphany this week. I need to talk more about it and I have a lot to say about exercising and guilt, but I can’t lie to you all. I got a promotion at work and it’s been a rough week and I’m exhausted.

On top of that, my dreams of going from a laptop and tablet to just a tablet are coming to fruition. I have had nothing but visions of service plans and a new iPad dancing in my head.

Next week, I want to talk about this guilt I get when I don’t work out and my epiphany. Right now, I’m off to clean up someone else’s mess and sell my MacBook on craigslist.

See you next week. Same blog time, same blog channel.

Another cliffhanger? Yes, and it’s a good one.

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