This Week In Pregnancy: Week 19 … and 20?

I had my first midwife appointment on Tuesday. I passed my urine test and heard The Kid’s heartbeat again. Everything seems to be in good working order! I will be calling later today to make an appointment for an ultrasound.

The midwife said I was 20 weeks and a couple of days, which was off a bit from what I had thought, but we’ll go with it. So that’s why the title of this post is funky.

I have felt more movement this week. Previously, I noticed it only when I was laying still and kind of paying attention. Now, The Kid is moving and kicking whenever (well, I can feel it whenever). Last night, I was driving home and had the radio up and was singing and s/he was dancing along 🙂

The room is almost done … which really just means that we’re almost done cleaning out all of the non-baby stuff, and the curtains are almost done. I am going to reread some stuff on Montessori rooms to get answers to a few questions I have and see what the next steps will be. It’ll be good to have that done.

The Big Man and I started looking into car seats and strollers … and it was a bit overwhelming. Realizing that these are objects that we need to see and touch, we went over to Buy Buy Baby … and that was really overwhelming.

I’ve been talking to people and getting their opinions on All Things Baby, and many people contradict each other, but that’s OK. It gives me information to work with that’s not from a manufacturer. If you have opinions on what was useful, what was not, etc. feel free to pass them on. No need to be militant 😉

The person who is putting together my shower is working on it. These kinds of events are a bit stressful for me. I’m never entirely sure who is appropriate to invite, and I’m not at all comfortable opening gifts in front of a crowd of people. That, and baby showers are usually not fun (though not all I’ve been to have been blah, and none were really terrible). So I’m having a bit of anxiety about it. I told her she could plan whatever she wanted (I trust her judgement) as long as it was enjoyable for the people attending. She is really good at planning fun things, so I have much less anxiety than I otherwise might 🙂

I have hardly been exercising, which is sad. I need to get a bathing suit so I can hit the pool at the gym. That would be good. I also need to look into Melanie’s suggestion from a couple of weeks ago to see if I can get back up and moving on a spin bike. That would make me happy.

Weight this morning was 137, so I’m up 13 pounds from where I started. I think a small part of that is just eating so much to try to get enough protein. I will be glad when all of my meals and snacks don’t need to have high protein content.

Still no cravings. The aversions seem to have worn off. I had a roasted sweet potato sandwich the other day — sweet potatoes had been something I couldn’t stomach for a while. Chocolate hasn’t been disgusting lately, but it’s still not terribly appealing. (This is OK!) I haven’t tried oatmeal yet. And for a while, the smell of onions cooking was nauseating, but I was able to cook some up myself a few days ago, so the olfactory system seems to have settled down.

That’s where we are! Half way done!

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