Vacation eating…

Saturday May 21: we left for Pittsburgh at 6:00am this morning. I had some coffee and fully planned to eat a spinach, feta, egg white wrap and a skinny dirty chai latte for breakfast at the airport, but I had to get in the plane so, there went that plan. I did eat about 30 cheez-its and had some more coffee. They offered food but I’m not willing to pay $8 for a cheese platter. Really US Airways? $8? So long story short (too late!) we didn’t eat until 6 or 7 at the Eat and Park. Yup, Eat and Park. It was a total greasy spoon. The nice thing was the back page of the menu had nutritional info, broken down into categories. First time I’ve ever seen the Celiac disease category. And our hotel has a gym! I will be hitting that tomorrow morning. It’s tiny, but it has free weights, a treadmill, and an elliptical. Really happy about that. I almost forgot, I have a cookie and I’m going to eat it. Good thing I’m hitting the gym in the morning.

Sunday and Monday, the 22nd and 23rd: complimentary breakfast both days. Note to self: discontinue eating any of their egg product. I have yet to hit the gym. Mostly because I’m trying to go in the morning and 6:30 here is 3:30 at home. Yikes. I am going to try to go down tonight, but for some reason once we get back to the hotel, I’m tired. Sunday we explored south side, and it was hot (not Arizona hot, but still hot) and humid (not Florida humid, but still humid). Monday we spent most of the day downtown Pittsburgh. I wanted to see the Andy Warhol museum, but did you know that museums are closed on Monday? I did eat pizza, but it was a by-the-slice joint. I had one…and a pepperoni roll, which was tiny…and delicious. We also walked to the Hostess wholesale bakery right by the hotel. I had a package of Ho-Hos in my hand…then I put it back. Came back to the hotel and ate some trail mix. Sigh. I really love Ho-Hos.

Tuesday the 24th: No need for using the hotel gym today! Pennsylvania has a lot of hills. And they are steep. We went to Round Hill Farm and it was gorgeous! I was getting my Little House on the Prairie fix but wow, the hills were killer. It was a really good thing that we did that, because my sister chose PF Chang’s for her graduation dinner. Spicy eggplant, kung pao chicken, shrimp fried rice, veggie lettuce wraps, chicken lettuce wraps, two glasses of Reisling… Really good thing we got our hike on at the farm. My youngest sister also made a friend…

Wednesday the 25th: Ate continental breakfast again, no eggs but did have sausage. It was good. We went to the Monroeville mall, where they filmed the original Dawn of the Dead. It’s not as awesome without real zombies, plus the museum was closed. I went 0 for 3 on museums this trip. After that, we pretty much did nothing. I rolled down a pretty steep hill, which was fun until it transformed from a roll to a butt slide. That didn’t feel great. And it was a really steep hill.
We also had Chili’s for lunch, which I was not rooting for. I had a bad experience at a Chili’s not that long ago, and I will be totally honest, this time didn’t change my mind. It was good while I was eating it…

Thursday the 26th: But not so good when I had digestive issues on the airplane. Needless to say, I didn’t eat much on Thursday.

So I’m home…and I’m sick. I have spent the last four days of my vacation and my first day back at work in bed with earache, stomach ache, sore throat, fever, chills, you name it… I didn’t do wonderfully, but I didn’t do terribly. I never actually got around to working out, but will all the walking and hills, and exploring abandoned houses I did all right. I lost .5 lbs, which at this stage in the game is great and I am totally satisfied with.

June is a new month and I have made a pact with myself to ramp up the workouts and life-changing stuff. Let’s see what happens! New goal is to lose 15-20 more by August 15 (my 32nd birthday – eek).

How are you all doing?

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