Other People’s Handiwork

While high school graduations are not the epitome of a fun evening, I was glad to be able to go to my nephew’s graduation on Thursday and then to a celebratory dinner last night. It’s nice to have family who enjoy being together, have a good time, and appreciate each other. My in-laws are good people and I’m glad to be part of their family 🙂 (And the graduation wasn’t bad at all!)

Food for Thought Thursday – Stress in our Society from Growing Healthy Sprouts: Do you wear being busy and stressed as a badge of honor?

N(O) S(CALE) V(ICTORY)! from MizFit Online: She doesn’t weigh herself at home. Not a path I would likely take, at least right now, but it’s an interesting one to consider.

“I could never do that!” part 2 from Disease Proof: You’d change your lifestyle if a debilitating illness forced you to. Why wait?

The Truth About Extreme Couponing from DIY Natural: The first point is the one that has stopped me from being a “coupon-er.” I do use them whenever I have them, and I’ll sometimes go a little out of my to use one, but it’s definitely not a lifestyle here. What about you?


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