Meatless Meals (I Wish) My Mother Made

The Big Man and I do a good portion of our weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s. In the back of the store, there’s a little counter where they always have someone making samples of some foodstuff. A few weeks ago, they had these delicious little flatbread creations that I wanted to try to recreate, but I had no occasion to. Game night last weekend gave me the perfect excuse to try my hand at it.

They had a little machine — a toaster oven, maybe? — that they were preparing the flatbreads in. Since I’m not sure what it was or how exactly they used it (at what temp, for how long, etc.), I just made something up.

The end product was quite tasty. Definitely adding it to the “good for company or potlucks” list!

Flatbread with goat cheese and strawberries



Let the cheese sit out for a few minutes to warm slightly; it is easier to spread when it’s closer to room temperature. (It was roughly cream cheese consistency.)

Bake the flatbreads at 350 degrees for a few minutes on each side, or toast them lightly. (While these are better on warmed, slightly crisp flatbreads, they’re good on straight-from-the-package flatbreads as well.)

While the flatbreads are baking, thinly slice the strawberries.

Spread a layer of cheese (thickness to your liking) on each flatbread.

Cover with a layer of sliced strawberries.

If you’re sharing, cut each into slices. I found 6 to work well for their size.

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