This Week In Pregnancy: Week 18

18 weeks! Almost half way…

This week, I started to be able to feel kicking. Pretty wild! Pretty much feels like a finger poke, but from the inside. I only feel it if it happens while I’m laying really still.

Let’s see… This week is also the first time I had someone rub my belly unsolicited and without asking.

Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night has returned. Could be because of body stuff. Could also just be that I’m drinking more because the weather has warmed up and I need more. Either way, potty breaks are back.

The Big Man and I found a birthing center and midwife that we both really like. It will definitely cost more than birthing in a hospital, but I think it will be worth it. (Hopefully I’ll not start in the center and transfer to a hospital. That would be sad medically and financially.) We go tomorrow to fill out paperwork and pay the nice people. I’m very excited that we found this place 🙂 I hope it is as fabulous as I think it will be!

So not too much but some of the stuff that happened this week was pretty exciting! What’s in store next week?!


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