Other People’s Handiwork

The weather in Phoenix this week was amazing! We’re usually into the 100s on a fairly regular basis by this point in May, and we’ve had weather recently in the 70s and 80s. Crazy! Of course, when it goes from 80 to 102 in two days, 102 feels worse than after a slow ascent, but that’s OK — we’ll take it!

Being Healthy Is NOT About Perfection from Get Fit Slowly: He makes great points about all-or-nothing resolutions.

7 Simple Tips To Deal With Negative People from Zen Habits: Good advice for dealing with people who always see the worst in every situation. While reading, consider if you are the person that we need to protect ourselves from…

More reasons to maintain a healthy weight from Disease Proof: Add dementia to the ever-growing list of possible side effects from being overweight. Heart disease is also talked about, but didn’t we already know that one was on the list?

You’re On a Journey, Not a Game Show from Becky Blanton: I liked the points made in this post. It’s also not extremely linear, so it fits with how my brain works, which might be another reason I liked it.

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