Meatless Meals Index

Today’s post is a simple index of all of the recipes posted here so far. Pick out one that looks good and give it a try! (All links will open in new windows.)

All recipes are reproduced in their original form, so not all of them as written are vegetarian. However, adaptations that we made to them to make them vegetarian are also included.

Frozen bananas with nuts

Tastier-and-packs-an-extra-healthy-punch oatmeal

Spicy toastadas

Minestrone or Pasta e fagioli soup

Bean burgers here and here

Spicy tortellini

Black bean chili

Broccoli with chickpeas and tahini sauce

Veggie stir fry with tofu

Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas

Lasagna roll-ups

Meatball tortellini soup

Green beans tossed with walnut miso sauce

Fragrant chick pea stew

Cherry cobbler spoon dessert

Healthy snacks

Moroccan roasted vegetables

Lentil shepherd’s pie

Spicy rice and bean salad

Sweet potato chickpea burgers

Chana masala (spicy chickpeas) with spinach

this post has links to 6 different rice and beans recipes

Yogurt in the slow-cooker

Vegan enchilada bake

Oatmeal waffles

Oreo and fudge ice cream “cake”

Steak, Sun-dried tomato and mozzarella couscous salad

Couscous surprise salad

Veggie pot pie

tips on using dry beans

Vegan samosas

Lentil, sweet potato, and apple stew

Bean and vegetable burritos

Moroccan-style vegetable stew

Green smoothies

link to more on smoothies

Couscous with chickpeas

Black bean and barley burritos

Spicy sweet potato soup with chicken

Pea pesto crostini

Whole wheat pasta with walnuts, spinach and mozzarella

Avocado pesto pasta

link to another smoothie recipe: good for workout recovery

Empty-the-pantry bean burritos

Breakfast burritos



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  1. Hi Heather! This is a really great list! Like you said, any of those meals could easily be made without the meat in them. I’m going to bookmark that meatball tortellini recipe, my husband would just love it!
    Humbly Yours,
    Humble Laura

    • Glad you like it! We love that soup!! Hmmmm … we haven’t made it in a while … Thanks for commenting 🙂

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