This Week In Pregnancy: Week 17

A good friend of mine was kind enough to lend me a big container full of maternity clothes. Shirts are not an issue right now, but I was overjoyed to wear a different pair of pants to school! I do have a BE band, but it doesn’t work well with lower-waisted pants … which are all of my work pants. (The back of the pants comes out when I sit down.) So I am glad to have some pants options 🙂 (I don’t like skirts because the skirts I have don’t have pockets.)

Also, last weekend is the first time anyone not in my immediate circle mentioned that I’m showing. It varies by what I’m wearing, of course, but I’m definitely moving into the “she’s pregnant” and out of the “she gained weight” category.

As far as Second Chance FitCenter is concerned, I am planning to train until The Kid’s arrival (unless there is some medical reason why that won’t be possible). There are, however, quite a few exercises that I won’t be able to demonstrate. A friend was kind enough to let me take video of her doing all of the exercises that I could think of. I’ll have them on my iPad once I’m a little waddle-ier and will use those to demonstrate instead of doing demos myself.

I have an appointment to tour another birthing center tomorrow. By this time next week, I should have a prenatal care provider to go to consistently and a place to birth chosen. That will be good!

Earlier this week, I started making curtains for The Kid’s room. When they’re done and hung, I’ll post a pic.

Weight is holding steady at 134 and has been for a couple of weeks. Exercise continues to happen regularly, though I definitely fatigue more quickly. Back is starting to be sore more often than usual. (Well, “usual” is never.) Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is still on pause.

Question for anyone that might know about funky pregnancy things: I’ve been going to spin, but it is very uncomfortable to lean forward on the seat. (Actually, if I lean just a touch, it’s a little too comfortable, if you get my drift… But that’s not what I’m there for…) I’m assuming the increased sensitivity is hormonal, but it doesn’t make for good biking. Any suggestions on how to work around that and still spin?

I expect that the next few weeks will have some bigger developments: I should be able to feel movement soon, and I’ll have an ultrasound soon-ish.


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  1. Posted by nicholh on 20 May 2011 at 08:13

    I’m so getting pregnant and going back to spin.

  2. If you are talking about pain in the privates area… I know what you mean. My professor for Activator was able to check if my pelvis was out of alignment and took care of it in 1 adjustment. If you know of a doc who does Activator technique (chiropractic, very gentle) that’s what I’d do. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks — I will check into it. Pain is only when cycling, and then only when I’m leaning forwards on the seat. I can cycle standing, I can cycle sitting up straight. Was not a problem pre-pregnancy and will hopefully not be a problem post-pregnancy — I love spin! — but was hoping to participate for the duration…

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