Other People’s Handiwork

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommas out there, in whatever incarnation you take. (Not everyone who is a mother has birthed — or formally adopted — a child.)

It has been glorious not having a ton of commitments this weekend after several way-too-busy weekends in a row. Getting some things done that have been stagnant on the to-do list … and spending some time just chillin’. It’s good 🙂

Your Workout is Eating You Alive from No Meat Athlete: If you exercise, you must read this post. It’s a guest post written by a meat-eater (no scary vegan things in this post) who is diabetic. It’s long, but it is full of essential information.

How Calories Really Count from Cooking Light: Summary of a small study that indicates our bodies burn real food better/faster/differently than we burn processed/junk food. I would have liked a link to the study.

3 Exercises to Train Your Mind from active.com: If you participate in races, this is good info. If you are just getting into exercising and are having trouble with The Voices In Your Head, you might also find this useful.

Get Started: From Overweight to Healthy from Zen Habits: I have posted about this before; Leo has posted about this before. Just pick something — any little ol’ something — and do it and make it stick. You can pick another little something later.

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