Your Time on the Toilet

Yes, we are actually going there today. If that is in any way bothersome to you, stop reading now. There is nothing else in this post.

Most folks in this country sit on a toilet when it’s time to go. Unfortunately, that’s not really good for your body.

We are not actually designed to sit at all — we are designed to squat. (This is probably why so many ailments are a result of sitting … but I told the anti-toilet readers there would just be toilet talk today, so I’ll save plain old sitting for another day.)

Likewise, we are designed to squat to defecate.

This photo, taken from here, pretty well sums up the bowel difference between sitting and squatting:

Basically, the anal canal is not straight when you sit, which causes more strain during bowel movements.

“So what?” you might ask. Well… What is caused by straining during bowel movements?


If you have problems with these little buggers, try adapting a more squat-like position and see what happens over time.

There is also speculation that colon cancer and Crohn’s disease may be linked to our toilet habits.

So if you don’t want to start balancing yourself in a squat on your current toilet, what are you to do? There are a few simpler options:

  • Bend in half forwards. While your knees won’t be up, your body will be in the same position relative to your legs that they would be in if you were squatting. This is what I took to doing some time ago, and I can feel a difference. (If you try it and think there is no difference, sit up before you’re done; you’ll be able to feel it.) My next step will be:
  • Put a stool in the bathroom. When it’s time to go, simply put your feet up on the stool.
  • Buy a Nature’s Platform.
  • Buy a squat toilet.
If you want more information, check here, here, here, or the link where the picture came from.
So what do you think?  Going to try it? Or do you do it already?

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  1. Posted by Trisha on 5 May 2011 at 16:24

    More things happen when I squat, I’m all for it!

  2. I had read about it when I had hemorrhoids last year, and purchased information on how to get rid of them naturally. I also now do the forward bending position, along with a little side to side motion “like you see dogs who are squatting to poop but keep moving forward a little bit.” It seems to help.

    My question on the hole in the ground type toilets is this.. what about urinating in them? Could get kinda messy. Or are they feces only toilets?

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