Other People’s Handiwork

It’s been a sell-your-junk kind of week. We sold a few things on Craigslist and had a yard sale yesterday; made a fair amount of money. I have a few more things to go on Craigslist (hopefully!), and the majority of our cleaning-out will be done! There are a few spots around the house that we didn’t get to pre-yard sale, but there were things I remembered that needed to go. It always feels good to clean out and purge. Added bonus to get a few bucks.

Also, a few small things that I forgot to mention in earlier posts:

In yesterday’s recipe, I listed 4 garlic cloves, minced as an ingredient. Four wasn’t a magic number — it’s just what we had on hand. If we’d had more, I probably would have put it in 🙂

And in the post about what we use in the kitchen instead of plastic, I neglected to mention that another easy way to accumulate glass jars is to wash and reuse jars that you purchase other foods in: sauce, jelly, etc. Assuming you’re buying these products anyway, the jars are free.

A few links today on food and eating, and a few on general life management…

33 Ways to Save Time (and Embarrassment) In the Kitchen from No Meat Athlete: A neat list of hints for efficiency in preparing meals. I have not seen most of these before on tips lists.

Emotional Eating Isn’t ALWAYS Bad from Get Fit Slowly: I have to admit, I bristled at the title, but the content is good.

BPA-Free Does Not Mean Safe. Most Plastics Leach Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals. from My Plastic-free Life: More, more, more on plastics! (I love her blog and her commitment to being plastic-free!)

You Have to Fight from No Meat Athlete: A beautiful post with a wake-up call from a dear friend of the author with stage IV colon cancer. I am always glad when someone is inspired to live with more kindness, but also sad that it takes something like a life-threatening disease to make it happen…

The agenda from Seth’s Blog: Who is setting yours?

Do Your Own Needs End Up at the Bottom of Your To Do List? from A Weight Lifted: Where are you on your priority list?

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