This Week in Pregnancy: Week 12

The biggest thing that went down this week was that we heard The Kid’s heartbeat at my OB appointment. It was a weird, crazy experience. I mean, I’m glad it’s there, but it was just odd. It was done via Doppler, but imagine going to the doctor and having them put a stethoscope right at the hairline, and there being a heartbeat. Weird, no?

I have had a lot of men tell me how amazing the whole process is and how excited and amazed I ought to be … Now, I’m not saying that this is not an amazing process, because it is! But I’ve always been amazed at how often things work right in the whole realm of single cells turning into people. To be honest, I’m not any extra-amazed just because it’s happening in me. I also am generally not a fan of what it’s doing to me, which also tempers the amazement, I’m sure.

We’ve started getting very strong opinions on some things that we’re planning to do (mainly co-sleeping).  More than one person has told me that we shouldn’t co-sleep, and then they go on a story about someone they know whose kid(s) was still sleeping with them at three, four, five years old! Um, that’s not a co-sleeping problem, that’s a parenting problem! Sheesh!

One woman gave The Big Man a long talk about how babies need structure and these are the hours she let her kid keep from the get-go and that’s how you need to be … That doesn’t resonate with me …

I am still shopping around for a midwife and a birthing center. I had an appointment at one yesterday and it was fine. It has what I’m looking for. The woman seemed competent, personable, and not pushy. The hospital they refer to on an emergency basis is the one that I have heard the best things about with regards to natural or more natural births. I have one more place to look into before deciding.

First trimester rapidly coming to a close!


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  1. No matter what your parenting decisions are going to be, everyone will have an opinion based upon their own experiences. Try to take it with a grain of salt, understanding they are just trying to help (in their own way). I co-slept with my children (although we did have a crib, it was hardly used) and was fantastic. They both sleep in their own beds at night no problem.

    It certainly IS fascinating when you think about how a single cell can turn into an entire human being… and inside another human! Totally cool. If you happen to read Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” you will understand more of how that happens without reading an embryology book (which can be incredibly boring). I had the pleasure of hearing him speak, yet again, on Thursday and it never gets old.

    • Oh, I’m not under the illusion that advice will magically stop coming ever 😉

      Will add that to my reading list, though not likely to get to it soon…

    • Oh, and none of the people who have given me negative opinions on sleeping so far actually have kids. The stories are second- or third-hand.

  2. Posted by Lisa on 16 April 2011 at 20:58

    People will NEVER stop giving your their opinions on how you should be raising your child. 😉 It’s a fact of life.

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