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Well … our oven hasn’t been working properly for several months now. We finally went and bought a new one. We shopped around a bit and ended up with a lot of bells and whistles (relative to what we have, and relative to what we might normally look for), but it was just a few hundred dollars more than a less expensive version of the same, and it offered a lot more. So tomorrow we should have a new double oven (both underneath — one small, one large) with a glass-top stove. We can bake again! Hooray! We don’t do much dessert baking, but there are many dinners we enjoy that require some oven time.

Links today run the gamut. Enjoy!

Obese? Diabetic? Try surgery! from Disease Proof: An interesting article on bariatric surgery.

How to Start from Zen Habits: Want to do something but having trouble getting started? This is a nice little guide.

Upside-Down Nation: How Debt Fueled Our Madness from Man Vs. Debt: The trap of lifestyle inflation, and how your life might be better without it.

The Other Side Of The Paleo Coin: My Wife’s Perspective On Going Paleo from Get Fit Slowly: This is a really well-written, thoughtful piece, mainly arguing against the Paleo diet.

A Kid’s Guide To Mindful Eating. from MizFitOnline: Tips MizFit has picked up from her 5-year-old on mindful eating.

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