this week in pregnancy: week 11

I am slowly gaining more energy, which allows me to work out more, which gives me more energy. Finally — a cycle I enjoy and relate to!

Hunger has dropped back to almost normal levels … I’ve started to refigure how much I need to eat, so my weight gain has leveled off, which I am relieved about. Exercising more helps, too.

Not really many big changes, though, so I thought I’d share some of our plans of what to do with/for The Kid once it’s here. Feel free to agree or disagree, but please be nice 🙂

I am searching for a center where I will be able to do a water birth. The more I read about these, the more I think it is the right choice for me. While there is debate about whether it is better or the same for the baby (no evidence of harm), there is a lot of evidence that it is better for the mama. Regardless of the water aspect, I would like to avoid the trapped-in-a-bed, can’t-feel-half-my-body, positioned-in-a-way-convenient-only-for-doctors-but-not-good-for-moms-or-babies type of birth typical in most hospitals.

As I am reading more about epidurals, I really don’t want one. I didn’t want one anyway (big needle in my spine? no thank you!), but they make labor last longer, make you more likely to tear, make it more likely that your blood pressure will drop, which causes the baby’s heartbeat to drop, which causes the doctor to call for a C-section… (That info is all from, not a website looking to promote natural childbirth.)

I understand that women have epidurals to avoid pain, but I can’t imagine that child bearing for 8 to 24 hours has more pain than recovering from a C-section. I am not judging women who have made (or continue to make) any of these choices. I just wonder if they really know what they’re in for.

Six more months til I can tell you what the pain factor is like. Hopefully, all will go smoothly and I can birth as planned.

After the hullaballoo of the birth and The Kid comes home, we’re planning to co-sleep. The Big Man was especially interested in this idea. I’m looking into options. There are things we can put in the bed so we don’t crush The Kid and so s/he doesn’t suffocate. There are crib-type devices that have three sides and hook onto the side of the bed. There are bumpers that we can put on the side of the bed. Options. Need to learn more about all of them, but that is the route we’re looking to take.

Because of that, we are not planning to buy a crib or a bassinet. If the plan changes later and we decide we want or need one, then we’ll buy one. Not looking to be cheap, but definitely looking to be frugal.

We’re also not planning to buy a changing table. There are portable changing table tops that seem to make more sense, and we’re going to take that route. Currently, we have an extra bed (and it’s pretty tall), so we’ll use that to put the changing table on. Plan B (whatever that is) when we have company 🙂

We’re planning to employ a Montessori-type of method to The Kid’s bedroom, once s/he can sleep in it. Here is the first place I was introduced to the idea, and I loved it. The Big Man is on board. Haven’t figured out how much of the rest of the house will be do-able, but much general baby-proofing has already been done. We’ve been moving things around and cleaning things out anyway, to free up a bedroom — makes sense to move other stuff around while we’re at it (and before we have a baby around to distract us!).

We’re planning on cloth diapering and using glass and/or stainless steel bottles. The Big Man found stainless steel bottles somewhere (hopefully it’s bookmarked…) that convert to sippy cups. Neat!

That’s the plan so far. All plans are subject to change, of course, but that’s where we are so far…

I am checking out another birthing center in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I have an appointment with the regular OB on Tuesday that The Big Man and I are going to. From what I understand, we should be able to hear a heart beat at this appointment. That should be … kind of freaky, but pretty neat. We’ll see…


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  1. Posted by Amy on 8 April 2011 at 09:25

    I labored three times (once for 24 hours, once for 30 hours, and once for.. eh, three hours?) Personally I found labor much more painful than the recovery from my 2 csections. But I’ve been told by many nurses that feeling as well as I do after a cesarean is rare. That being said, I would trade either of my csections in for a natural delivery any day of the week! The feeling of pushing your baby out yourself is amazing (in retrospect ONLY LOL) and I hate that I only got to do it once!

    I hate co-sleeping but I have to admit, cosleeping with a breastfeeding infant is the the best way to go. I didn’t bother with any sleeping contraptions, just kept the baby belly to belly with me and they nursed throughout the night- I rarely had to wake up. Every hour or two I’d just roll the babe to the other side to switch breasts (gotta keep it even or one side will produce more milk.)

    • Interesting! I have only ever had one surgery, and it was not in my abdomen, but the recovery from it was AWFUL! I can’t imagine what it would be like if it involved muscles that you use for just about every movement you can possibly make.

      You could roll over with a baby automatically without waking up? How do you train yourself to do that?

      Our bed is a little crowded (The Big Man is … well … big), so I’m not looking forward to having another body in there, but it makes the most sense to me when The Kid needs to eat at night. Don’t want to have to get up for every (any!) feeding!

  2. Posted by Lisa on 9 April 2011 at 08:12

    I have both labored and delivered vaginally and had a cesarean section, and the recovery from a surgical birth was far, far more daunting and long-lasting. If you’ve already had surgery once and know how *you* recover from surgical pain, you have a good idea of how traumatic it is when they cut through your core muscles. I definitely don’t recommend it (to anyone who might be asking LOL). It can be very necessary and even life-saving surgery (which it was in the case of my son) but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for everyone.

    Re: the waking up automatically thing – it’s amazing the sync that a breastfeeding mother and baby are in. Most of the mothers I know will tell you about how we wake up minutes before our little ones, even when they’re in another room. Kind of freaky, eh? If you’re worried about over-lying, it’s a phenomenon that’s nearly unheard of in healthy, sober mothers. There is a picture in the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) which illustrates the typical posture of co-sleeping moms and babes employed across cultures. Basically, mom is on her side with her bottom arm creating a nest of protection around the baby’s head. I highly recommend that book, btw, and not just because I was on the “brainstorm team” as it was being re-written last year. 😉

    I applaud your decision to hold off on buying a crib. The best use we got out of ours was to side-car it to our bed, but that really just served to extend the edge of the bed and keep things like water bottles, tissues, etc. Here are instructions:

    So glad you’re getting your energy back! For many women, the second trimester is REALLY pleasant and full of good health. Hope that’s you!

    • My surgery was in my throat (biopsy), so no core muscles involved, and it was terrible. I am projecting how much worse it would be with core muscles involved. (I’ve hobbled through days of sore abs from training…)

      I don’t at all believe that C-sections are completely unnecessary, and if I *need* one, I’ll have one, of course. But many C-sections are “necessary” because of all the stuff that doctors do leading up to them.

      Epidurals and laboring/delivering on your back also make it more likely that you’ll tear, and I can’t imagine that feels good at all the next day or that it heals very quickly. Oh my goodness. (I understand it’s potentially part of the deal anyway…) I am, however, projecting about both pain and recovery and don’t actually know for sure.

      As far as co-sleeping, I’m not worried about crushing The Kid myself, but The Big Man is not the most aware sleeper … and he’s big.

      I will check out the book — thanks!

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