There Is No Good News About BPA

I have written about BPA before.  Instead of writing pretty much the same thing again, I’ll just share with you information as I gather it.

This article, from Scientific American, is on the general effects of BPA, including its history (it was originally developed and used as synthetic estrogen!).

This one, from Environmental Health News, talks about links between prenatal exposure to BPA/phthalates and atypical child behavior.

Oh, and this is why I’m not using plastics with The Kid, whether they are labeled BPA-free or not.

These two links are from previous link round-ups here at Change Is Possible.

Do you avoid plastics? Do you avoid canned foods? If not, why not?


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  1. Posted by trisha on 7 April 2011 at 11:33

    I am slowly replacing plastics in my cabinets; containers, water bottles, etc. Do we need to stay away from plastic storage bags as well? Is there a good alternative?

    • I don’t know a lot about plastic storage bags, but we rarely use them anyway. I could give you suggestions for most uses, if you tell me what you’re using them for… (Actually, perhaps I’ll just make a whole post about substitutions. Yes, I think I’ll do that…)

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