Is a gym worth it?

For awhile, I have been contemplating joining a gym. I have two specifically in mind, but I feel pretty indecisive about it. Both gyms have good setups, comparable costs, classes I want to take, and friends to work out with.

My biggest problem is, how do I know that I am going to go? I make a schedule to run/work out each week, but there is never a guarantee that I am going to do it.

My motivation for exercising has not completely dissapated, but it is waning…a lot and I get so frustrated. I figured a gym would help pump me up, get the juices flowing again. So the question I pose to all of you is four fold…

1. Where do you go?

2. Do you love/like/meh/hate it?

3. Suggestions for making sure I join and then go.

4. Who wants to yogapilaatesspinzumbastepellipticalfreeweight with me? I like buddy workouts.


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  1. Posted by Lisa on 31 March 2011 at 19:18

    For me, a gym membership is an awesome luxury that I feel very lucky to have. I am a big “people person” so I really enjoy taking group classes, and even get some energy off of other people running around the track. It’s also great for me to be able to go late at night and feel safe there (which I wouldn’t feel if I were say, running out on the dark street). The other thing that’s really cool about our health club is that it’s very family oriented and has lots of activities and classes for children (gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, etc.). I like the idea of my kids growing up thinking that partaking in frequent exercise as a part of a community are just how we roll.

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