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The Big Man and I stopped by the Tempe Arts Festival yesterday. For those not local, they close down the main drag in Tempe and vendors set up tents down the street. There is food, entertainment in a few locations, and all the stuff to buy. Since it’s an art festival, most of the tents have some variety of artwork: paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork, blown glass, clothes.  There was a strip of tents this time around (I don’t recall this from last fall’s festival) of food-related things: sauces, dips, salsas, etc. There are also some for whoever has money (Direct TV, some landscapers, the phone company, etc.), but mostly, it’s tons of stuff that is beautiful to admire.

Usually, we don’t buy anything and just go to look.

Yesterday, I bought a wide-brimmed hat. I have been looking for a very wide-brimmed hat that fits my head (apparently smaller than average). The plan for this summer is a couple of long, loose dresses and a wide-brimmed hat to stave off sunscreen as much as possible, so I was excited to find a hat that fits, is wide-brimmed, wasn’t too expensive, and could reasonably go with casual or slightly dressy clothes.

With that — a variety of reading for you today:

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