this week in pregnancy: week 9

I have to tell ya: I see how pregnant women gain a lot of weight, especially if they’re not on top of their food game ahead of time.

I haven’t had any weird cravings, though some foods that would normally not be appealing have been tasty.  I have had a few food aversions — sweets, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal so far.

So it’s not about cravings so much as it is about body signals.

My body tells me very frequently that I am hungry.

My body also never tells me that I am sated, and it almost never tells me that I have eaten too much.

It is the weirdest thing. I can eat half of a pizza and not feel full, much less uncomfortable. That’s not normal.

So I’m eating fruits and veggies whenever they’re not unappealing (occasionally, I really don’t want them, but not often) and just being aware of what I’m eating. At meals, instead of eating until I feel sated, I eat until I don’t feel hungry. (Those are not the same feeling.) So far, it’s working pretty well most of the time.

But some of the new snacks I’ve picked up are too high-cal (in the quantity that I’ve been eating), and I put on a pound this week. Cutting back on the peanut butter crackers.

Which reminds me that salty foods are appealing. Not too salty, but things like chips used to be take-or-leave and now they’re take-and-take.

Outside of eating … I haven’t been exercising every day, but I have gotten out most days. I went to the gym for the first time in a long time and spent some quality time with the elliptical.  I went to my track training group and worked more lightly than I normally would. It feels really good.

Sleeping hasn’t been great, relative to how I usually sleep. I haven’t been able to sleep in, which is annoying, and I sometimes wake up during the night, which is quite odd for me. So it goes. (I know: get used to it.)

Energy level is better than it was a week or two ago. I need a nap less often (despite not sleeping as well) but I do take one when I need one.

I have an off-and-on history with migraine headaches. It became an “on” after chemo, which was a side effect I wasn’t so excited about. Since then, when I’m getting a migraine, I have the visual aura thing going on, which I never used to have but is a nice warning that it’s coming. Most of the time, some strong tea taken right away will stave off the worst of it. Sometimes it’s enough that I won’t get a headache at all!

In the last three weeks, I’ve had a migraine aura at least four times. Twice I had some tea. Once I had already had tea that evening and didn’t want more (too much caffeine is not good). So twice I just went to bed. No bad headaches, which is good, but it’s getting a little ridiculous…

That’s where I’m at so far! Minor whining, but nothing too bad 😉

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