Busy, busy, busy

You know what sucks? Having a job. I have not had one second to stop and think about what to write for this week.

I’ve actually had a lot of things running around in my head, but I’m either too lazy to think any further than “that would be interesting” or I’m too distracted by…ooo! New shoes. (Just kidding, I don’t have any new shoes – I will on Friday, but I’m going to see Lady Gaga. You have to buy new things when you go see Lady Gaga.)

I’ll just say a couple of things and then let you all go back to whatever you were doing, and I’m going to return to the mountain of paperwork on my desk.

Thank you to everyone who responded to last weeks blog post, either here, via Facebook, or via Twitter. I tend to be not really into compliments, I don’t take them so well, but nothing motivates a person more than a lot of praise, especially from people I don’t know.

This has been the hardest journey of my life. Not physically hard, but mentally. There are definitely days when I just don’t give a crap, but I know that so much has changed about me and I have learned so much about myself that I can’t stop, and you shouldn’t either.

I’ve had several friends, ones I see frequently and ones I don’t, comment that I look happy and glowy – my word, not theirs. Maybe some preggo glow has rubbed off on me?

Anyway… I do feel happier. I’ve always been a sarcastic, jokey, laughing on the outside type of person, but I was never really happy and I am finally finding that place. I feel good about myself. Physically, emotionally, mentally. It’s a nice feeling.

Now if I could just win the damn lottery and get out of my parents house so I can have my own bathroom again…

And PS (because I think he reads – haha): Congratulations Brian and Kat. I’m sorry I missed the wedding but I hear it was beautiful. Arizona misses you B!


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  1. Posted by Elaine on 23 March 2011 at 10:38

    Nichol, I love you, your doing a great job!!! I’m very proud of you.

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