Slow metabolism? Great!

If you are looking to try to ramp up your metabolism, there is no shortage of people and companies looking to help you do so. Increased metabolism is all over the diet and exercise worlds.

Now, depending on your goals, a high metabolism might be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are looking to eat more and be slim, regardless of the eventual outcome, crank your metabolism as high as you can get it.

However, slow metabolism is linked to longer lifespans in all critters, including humans.

This makes sense to me: high metabolism means the body is working harder to process food. Harder work = burning out faster.

“But if I have a slow metabolism, I’ll gain weight!”

Not necessarily. If you know how much you need to eat and eat nutrient-rich food, then you won’t gain weight (assuming your thyroid is working properly and you’re getting enough sleep). Eat all you need instead of all you want.

Simple. Not easy, but simple.


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