this week in pregnancy: week 8

Not too many huge changes this week, really.

I (finally) started taking prenatal vitamins. Rainbow Light was recommended. It turns out there are several different varieties; I got the kind with probiotics that are supposed to have other helpful side effects, including reducing morning sickness. I can’t say for sure if it’s the vitamins, or if my body just decided to be happier, but I haven’t been nauseous in several days, unless I get super-hungry. Woo-hoo! The downsides to these pills are that they’re not one-a-day, which is just kind of an annoyance, and they’re expensive. But if they’re doing everything else they claim, then they’re worth it.

Energy level is still low. Tuesday is the first day I’ve had in a while where I didn’t have time in the early-to-mid afternoon to lay down and/or take a nap. By the time I got home at about 5:30, I was very tired and pretty cranky (and hungry). That wiped out the evening’s exercise plans, which brings me to…

I haven’t kept up with exercising this week as much, which is disappointing, but that’s how it goes. I don’t feel guilty or stressed about it. Just pick up and do better. I did walk a few days, and I lifted once. Still feels good to do it πŸ™‚

Still no cravings. Aversions haven’t been bad. I don’t want oatmeal anymore, but I’m also not interested in sweets most of the time. It’s a good trade-off. Funky nose hasn’t bothered me with food so much, but I’m sure that anyone else who comes in the house can’t smell our kitchen trash as well as I can.

I weighed in at 124 most days this week, which made me happy. It’s not healthy for mama or baby for me to gain a ton of weight. I have a belly now, regardless of weight. It turns out that the uterus swells long before that much space is needed. Nifty.

In matters outside of the body, The Big Man and I have been working on cleaning out closets and things to condense our stuff into less space to make a kid’s room. I know The Kid won’t use it for a while, but why not get it done now, when there’s just two of us?

In medical matters, I am still looking for an OB that I am comfortable with. I’ve seen two. One was OK but only does the standard birth-laying-down-in-a-hospital-bed, which I am planning to avoid if at all possible. The other was at a birthing center. I liked the center and the other people there, but the doc. Hm. I might get back in touch with them and see how much the doc is involved. They have midwives and doulas, so the doc might be peripheral. There are one or two other places I’m looking into as well. Ideally, I’d plan for a water birth at a hospital (so if there was medical intervention necessary, it would be on-hand), but it looks like the hospitals around here don’t do water births. Continuing to look into options…


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  1. Tiredness should go away somewhere around the second trimester. There’s more in your uterus than just the baby. I think you’d love reading an embryology book… way more cool things in there than they tell you in parent books!

    You’ll figure the rest out. As for home births, they have better statistics than hospital births, you can have a water birth, and if you find the right midwife they will have emergencies already covered, including whatever may be needed for you and the baby. She will also be able to advise you earlier on if there is an issue, and recommend transport to a hospital if needed. That might help. Interview your midwives. Ask Mama Birth on fb for a list of questions to ask them. She’s got a lot of experience in that area.

  2. Posted by Terri on 19 March 2011 at 16:55

    I think I read you are in the Phoenix area. If you live in the east my daughter used Women-to-Women, in Gilbert and delivered at Mercy Gilbert Hospital. I was present for the birth of my grandson, and I was very impressed with the doctor and the hospital. They had her moving around a lot, changing positions, using a birth ball, etc. The labor and delivery nurse was absolutely wonderful. I felt like my daughter’s husband, the nurse, doctor and I were a team during the labor and delivery. It was a wonderful experience.

  3. Hey, that’s great news. I somehow skipped reading here for some weeks and now I read about this πŸ™‚

    Best of luck, I’m so happy to hear about this.

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