Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated and Continue your Workout Regime (guest post)

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Experts suggest that two-thirds of all New Year resolutions, specifically those pertaining to health and fitness, are ruined within a week. On average, some can make it to St. Patrick’s Day but due to the lack of motivation, the importance of fitness tends to dwindle down shortly after. If you’ve managed to keep your workout resolution thus far, congratulations you are half way to the typical stopping point. But to keep going and surpass the 3-month time frame, it’s important that you find ways to motivate yourself to continue your workout regime. No matter if it was your new year’s resolution or just a mid-year epiphany of needing to change your health and lifestyle, continue reading below to learn some simple ways how to keep your workout regime in check.

The very first thing you want to do is to always focus on your ultimate goals what is it that you want to accomplish? Are your trying to get into shape for a special event? Are you planning on taking a trip to the Bahamas? Or are you simply trying to squeeze back into your favorite pair of jeans? No matter what it is, always reflect back on your goals whenever you are feeling too tired to work out. A good way to keep yourself motivated is to leave items that remind you of your goal in plain view. Meaning, post a picture of the Bahamas on your bathroom mirror so you have to see if every morning and be reminded about all your exciting plans, or have those pair of jeans hanging in the front of your closet. Anything that you can do that can inspire you to keep going and to remind yourself why you are doing this is the first place is the key essential technique on how to make your fitness plan stick.

Another way to be more motivated is to simply switch up your workout routine. Sometimes regiments can get too monotonous–not only is it boring but your muscles may not be challenged enough if you continue to do the same machines and sets everyday. So a good way to get out of a rut is to spice things up and learn some new exercise moves. Another way is to simply attempt to make your work out “fun.” Instead of concentrating so much on using the exercising equipment and machines and trying to burn calories on the treadmill, try joining a class instead. Most gyms offer belly dancing, hip-hop and latin dance-ercise classes. These types of classes can ultimate help you get into shape without the feeling of a real “work out.” You can also consider alternating strict work out regiments with recreational activities such as swimming, playing tennis or basketball, or riding a bicycle around the block. If you insist on only staying true to using the gym equipment at least bring your iPod and make a playlist of music that is sure to pump you up and keep you motivated.

Lastly, you want to get support from your family and friends. It’s easier to maintain your workout regiment when you have a support system with someone who has similar goals. Convince a friend or co-worker to join your gym or see if your membership includes any free guest passes. Having someone to talk to and knowing that you are not the only one struggling to meet your goals is sometimes motivation enough to continue going.


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  1. This article is dead on. I can’t remember how many times I have no followed through on new years resolutions. One thing that helps me is to set smaller goals that are within reach in a short period. If I can see results soon I typically stick to it.

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