Nichol on … computers?

Hey readers! So, do you want to hear a story? Good.

I was finishing my Wednesday post and my trusty little MacBook went black. *sob* Now, I’ve been talking with AppleCare and the following is a summarized — and pretty much completely made-up — way more interesting version of my conversation with the AppleCare person.

Nichol: My friend is dead!
AppleCare: What’s wrong with it?
N: It’s dead!
AC: *asking lots of questions* blah blah blah
N: Well, I have been having an issue with saving and syncing because I haven’t set up my time capsule yet.
AC: Why not?
N: Uh, because I have a job and I’m way more interested in arranging and rearranging the song selection on all my Apple products than backing stuff up. Is MacBook going to be okay?
AC: Do a bunch of boring stuff. Do some more boring stuff. Blah, blah, blah, bring it to the Genius Bar at San Tan.
N: How do you know that’s the Apple store I go to?
AC: Because Steve Jobs knows everything about every person every where, and he shares it with us.
N: But people are dying to read my special Wednesday blog post about “Just Do It,” and I don’t want to disappoint, because IT IS REALLY GOOD.
AC: Well maybe now you have learned your lesson.
N: Could this same thing happen to iPhone and iPad and iPod because MacBook was too full to sync.
AC: Sigh.
N: What’s that supposed to mean?
AC: Steve will be at your house in 5 minutes to repossess all Apple products. You, miss, are a terrible Apple mommy.

Okay, so it didn’t exactly happen that way, but I have been remiss in my Apple maintenance. Not a scratch on any product, but a lot of junk that I haven’t deleted or backed up. So my awesome blog post about exercise and eating right and general healthiness and an iconic Nike slogan is currently being held hostage by a dark, silent, and vengeful MacBook. I have to go hide my Apple products now. Steve’s helicopter just landed on my roof.

Final note: whether you want to change your whole life, or just remember to regularly sync and back-up your Apple products, Nike + Heather say it best: Just Do It because Change Is Possible.

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  1. Posted by Shawn on 16 February 2011 at 19:24

    That… was highly entertaining!

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